SuperGroupies x Demon’s Souls First Official Collaboration

SuperGroupies x Demon’s Souls First Official Collaboration
Only Available at SuperGroupies

From beyond the colorless fog comes 4 unique collaboration items for the timeless action RPG,
Demon’s Souls.

Even if the Nexus traps you, you’ll be trapped in impeccable style.
All items are exclusively made to order. Get yours before you return to slumber.


Demon’s Souls Model Watch

Demon’s Souls Model Watch

  • Japanese Movement: Time Module VD53
  • Multilevel dial design inspired by the magic circles in the Nexus
  • Visible depth from overlay of acrylic and metal layers
  • 60-minute and chronograph second subdials
  • Hour markers modeled after 5 Archstones, with the one at 1 o’clock representing the broken 6th Archstone
  • Case back etched with official logo and quote from Maiden in Black
  • Real leather strap
  • Comes with watch box stamped with official logo
  • $218 (+ TAX)


Demon’s Souls Model Backpack

Demon’s Souls Model Backpack

  • Front zippered pocket features a grooved, textured fabric modeled after the Fluted Armor; can easily store smartphones or loose items
  • Tag on front embossed with patterns of the Nexus’ magic circles
  • Detachable side charm: comes with reproductions of Nexial Binding and a golden Augite of Souls
  • Spacious main compartment that can easily fit A4-sized items, including a 15-inch laptop
  • Versatile functionality, ideal for daily use as a commuting backpack for school or work
  • Unique lining design: inspired by the magic circles in the Nexus, reminding you of where you are bound to no matter where you go
  • $148 (+ TAX)


Demon’s Souls Model Boots

Demon’s Souls Model Boots

  • Grooved texture in upper area inspired by the Fluted Armor
  • Two stylish belts across the top affixed with turnable clasps
  • Patterns of the Nexus’ magic circles can be found under both belts as well as on the insole design
  • Synthetic leather composition offers strong resistance against wear and tear
  • $198 (+ TAX)


Demon’s Souls Model Backpack

Demon’s Souls Model Wallet

  • Bifold wallet with center flap for extra capacity
  • 6 card slots + additional card slot with ID window
  • On front of center flap: embossed design of in-level Archstone for teleporting to the Nexus
  • On change compartment: embossed patterns of the Nexus’ magic circles and gold foil stamping of Augite of Souls, stitched texturing modeled after the Fluted Armor
  • Unique lining design: inspired by the magic circles in the Nexus
  • Outside made with real leather
  • $118 (+ TAX)




[Pre-order Period]
From June 22 to July 11, 2021, 8PM Pacific Time

Please be advised that we will stop accepting pre-orders for this item once the total number of orders reaches the amount of items we have prepared.
This may be before the pre-order period has officially ended.

[Estimated Delivery]
Mid-April 2022

Demon’s Souls Collection
—Behind the Scenes

With our new release of collaboration items for Demon’s Souls,
we’d like to offer a closer look at the production process and design concepts for this collection.

Demon’s Souls Collection—Behind the Scenes PRODUCT STORY

From Concept to Completion

We sat down with product designer Katherine to learn about the production process, from the initial concept plans to the manufactured final model.

From Concept to Completion
▲Katherine, Product Designer

Demon’s Souls x SuperGroupies
Collaboration Item Production Process

1. Internal kick-off meeting:
Discuss what products to make
2. Decide the manufacturer
3. Apply for license:
Submit application to Sony Interactive Entertainment (licensor for Demon’s Souls) for licensing rights to sell these collaboration products
4. Acquisition of license
5. Finalize design plans with design team
6. Submit design plans to licensor for approval
7. Upon receiving licensor approval, set the design plans as finalized
8. Start trial production
9. Check initial samples:
Remake samples as many times as necessary to get them right
10. Submit final samples to licensor for approval
11. Upon receiving licensor approval, set the final product design in stone
12. Quality control meeting:
Assess product quality for every item to provide customers with best products possible
13. Open for preorders!
SuperGroupies collaborates
with a number of prominent
anime and game licensors.
100% of our products are
officially licensed!

A Watch, One Year in the Making

To provide fans with the absolute best product possible, multiple redesigns and samples were made in the pursuit of perfection, eventually spanning a year’s worth of hard work. Let’s take a closer look at this intricate and beautiful watch.

A Watch, One Year in the Making
▲Meeting with the watch manufacturer

Design Focus Points

All motifs and patterns have been selected with intentional care. This watch unmistakably contains soul...s!

1. A watch face modeled after the complex look of the Nexus 1. A watch face modeled after the complex
look of the Nexus

In order to realistically replicate the atmosphere of the Nexus, this watch was made with multiple layers to create a visual depth. The needles were positioned higher than usual, above the acrylic layers which have intricate patterns printed on them. The internal structure had to be adjusted multiple times through trial and error for the cleanest, sharpest overlay that also gives an obvious visual depth. Definitely check out the 3D effect once you get your watch!

A watch face modeled after the complex look of the Nexus
▲Design concept for the Demon’s Souls Watch
A watch face modeled after the complex look of the Nexus
▲Sample parts created for color adjustment

2. Archstone of the Giant

At 1 o’clock is an hour marker modeled after the broken 6th archstone, the Archstone of the Giant. It took many discussions with the manufacturer before the shape was finalized.

Archstone of the Giant
▲Concept materials for the hour marker designs

3. A message on the case back

A message on the case back
▲Design concept for the case back

Etched onto the case back is an iconic Demon’s Souls quote: “Soul of the lost, withdrawn from its vessel, Let strength be granted, so the world might be mended.” Will wearing this watch bind our souls to the Nexus!?

While filled with motifs and patterns that all Demon’s Souls fans are sure to love, the overall design of this watch is also subtle and sophisticated, not at all obvious that it’s game merchandise.

Reliable Japanese Movement

The watch “movement” acts as the powerhouse to make the watch and its functions operate, and in the case of this watch, is manufactured in Japan.

Reliable Japanese Movement
▲Movement: Time Module VD53 (Quartz)
Reliable Japanese Movement
▲ Specialist inspection and repair staff

One of the key characteristics of this watch’s battery-powered quartz movement is its reliable accuracy when keeping time. Before the products are shipped, every watch is individually inspected and serviced in Japan by the manufacturing specialists. We hope you enjoy wearing our watches for a long time!

* Product images are for illustrative purposes only. Actual products may vary.