New Collaboration With VShojo

New Collaboration With VShojo
©VShojo, Inc. All Rights Reserved

SuperGroupies is excited to introduce our new collaboration collection with the VTuber agency, VShojo!

Our 4 watches are inspired by the talents
Ironmouse, Kuro Kurenai, Kson, and Henya the genius.

Don’t miss any streams from your favorite talents with these limited watches.
Now available for pre-orders!


Hola hola holi! Inspired by Ironmouse, this diabolical watch features her horns and demon wings, befitting your Demon Queen Sayton!

IRONMOUSE ©VShojo, Inc. All Rights Reserved

The dial is etched with hearts, sparkles, and a delicate pattern taken from different parts of her outfit. Her heart-shaped lock of hair and Bubi tattoo are also discreetly featured as cute details!

The minute markers surrounding the dial are set against pink and purple, reminiscent of Ironmouse’s iconic bicolor hair, adorned with two red hearts to reflect her hairpins.

Her earring is faithfully reproduced at 9 o’clock, including a mesmerizing red crystal stone. The center of the dial is encircled by a chain design.

Don’t miss the end of the second hand, decorated with a heart taken from the hairpin on her bangs!

IRONMOUSE ©VShojo, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Crafted in the confines of Hell, let Ironmouse consume your soul accompany you in your daily life with this infernal watch. NEVER remove it; only pure chaos will ensue!

Ironmouse Model Watch
$260(+ TAX)

※ Estimated Delivery: Early February 2025


This sleek watch is inspired by Kuro Kurenai, the God of Undead Miracles, boldly decorated with the ears from his hood and spine pattern from his clothing!

KURO KURENAI ©VShojo, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Perfectly embodying his name, this black & red watch faithfully reflects his dark and alluring appearance, including a silver circle reminiscent of his leg belt and etched patterns that remind us of the scars from his leg.

Kuro Kurenai’s eyebrow piercing is represented by 2 studs at 3 o’clock. The double piercing from his hood is represented by 2 metal bars at 9 o’clock, next to the iconic “K9” design from his back.
The hour and minute hands are white with black stripes to mimic the design of his pockets.

Don’t miss the white loops on the leather strap as a discreet reference to his numerous bandages!

KURO KURENAI ©VShojo, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Regain your powers with this stylish watch embodying the best worst Vtuber!

Kuro Kurenai Model Watch
$260(+ TAX)

※ Estimated Delivery: Early February 2025


GMMF! Including unique motifs from her outfit, this damn cool watch is inspired by Kson, your one and only SOUCHOU!

KSON ©VShojo, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Reflecting her charismatic appearance like a BOSS, the dial features numerous parts from her clothing, starting with the eye-catching words “初代総長” (Former Souchou) from her back.

The metal parts modeled after the 3 golden studs from her chest pockets are on both sides, while the second hand is in pink to reflect Kson’s iconic wooden sword.

Did you notice the F-word from her pants, discreetly etched in the top-left…?

KSON ©VShojo, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Become a true delinquent and join the Kson-gumi Shin'eitai with this badass watch!

Kson Model Watch
$260(+ TAX)

※ Estimated Delivery: Early February 2025


Ohayo! This sophisticated watch is inspired by Henya the genius, featuring a technologically advanced original design to reflect her incredible intelligence!

HENYA THE GENIUS ©VShojo, Inc. All Rights Reserved

The dial is etched with the atom motif from her "Quantum Physics" textbook and her cube necklace; this one will sadly not charge your electronic devices!

Motifs next to the 2, 4, 8, and 10 o’clock hour markers are reminiscent of Henya the genius’ hairpins.

“IQ:999” is at the bottom right, reminding us of her special abilities and absolute tensai genius professional skills!

HENYA THE GENIUS ©VShojo, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Join the HEN隊 (Hentai) with this ingenious watch and pump your IQ score up, sousousou!

Henya the genius Model Watch
$260(+ TAX)

※ Estimated Delivery: Early February 2025

[Pre-order Period]
July 2 until July 21, 2024, 8PM Pacific Time

Please be advised that we will stop accepting pre-orders for this item once the total number of orders reaches the amount of items we have prepared.
This may be before the pre-order period has officially ended.

[Estimated Delivery]
Early February 2025

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