Cyberpunk 2077 Special Shoot Report ① - Photo Shoot Key Visuals for Protagonist V

Cyberpunk 2077 Special Shoot Report ① Photo Shoot Key Visuals for Protagonist V
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To commemorate our collaboration collection with Cyberpunk 2077—undoubtedly the hottest game of 2020—SuperGroupies is excited to bring you this special behind-the-scenes look at our Cyberpunk 2077 photo shoot!

Stylist Tsuyoshi Takahashi has once again teamed up with us as creative director for this shoot. One-of-a-kind outfits and distinctive special effects makeup exude the Cyberpunk 2077 vibe, brought to life from the mind of visionaries. The concept faithfully channels the protagonist, V, as well as the Tyger Claws and The Mox, and we’re proud to share some of the shoot’s key visuals.

In this first half of our report, we’ll take a closer look at the styling and concept behind our shoot for V.


Behind-the-Scenes Video Interview

Don’t miss our special video interview with Tsuyoshi Takahashi (in charge of styling and creative direction) and KAIHO (in charge of special effects makeup and prosthetics)! The video captures the vibe of the shoot, the weight of the props, and other details that photos can’t do justice.

Costume Design + Production Studio


Prior to the Cyberpunk 2077 special shoot, we swung by the atelier where all the exquisite costumes and props were being created.

The shelves carried various production tools and many items for creative inspiration. That we expected, but there was also some workout equipment for muscle gains (lol).

Costume Design + Production Studio

Cyberpunk 2077 concept art and props made especially for this shoot were lined up in a row. We also got to take a close-up look at all the incredible costumes. Seizing the chance to talk with Tsuyoshi and KAIHO, we pressed them for more details about the thought processes behind their creative outputs.

Styling for V

The goal: to bring Cyberpunk 2077’s protagonist, V, to life. Tsuyoshi’s happy exclamation of “Finally! We’re at the shoot!” was understandable—this project first began almost a full year ago. Incredible costumes have been created to suit each visual of male V and female V.

“They’re almost perfect as regular clothes.”

── Was there anything you paid particular attention to when creating V’s costumes and props?

Tsuyoshi: For the two Vs, I kept in my mind to make the pieces like regular clothes so that they wouldn’t end up too costumey. Especially the jacket; in considering how comfortable it would be to wear and how heavy it would feel on, the final product really turned out to be something you could have in your closet. I’m pretty happy with the end result—they’re almost perfect as regular clothes.

 They’re almost perfect as regular clothes.

Tsuyoshi: For costumes, it’s common to only pay attention to the parts that need to be seen, like not bothering to put in an inside lining. For these jackets, we carefully recreated every pattern and even went to a leather wholesaler to check out the different leather materials available to us. Finer details such as the stitchwork were also important; I wanted every aspect to come together for the whole to be seen as a high-quality leather jacket.

It’s impossible not to notice the large collar and array of materials used in the jacket, and you might be struck with a sense of what am I looking at!? at first. But even as a costume, once you consider the soft leather, the luxurious texture, even the scent of may seem strange, but you really do understand how this jacket can be seen as a regular piece of clothing.

They’re almost perfect as regular clothes.
── What do you like most about the V items you’ve created for this shoot?

Tsuyoshi: The bottoms are based directly on the character concept art. All the stitching and materials were decided precisely in reflection of it. Also, these aren’t jeans that already existed, we went especially to Okayama (Japan’s denim capital) to source our denim and made everything from scratch.

They’re almost perfect as regular clothes.
▲Tsuyoshi: The pants in the character concept art are on the larger side, so we kept an eye on ours to make sure they didn’t get too tight.
They’re almost perfect as regular clothes.

What caught our attention was the reproduction of female V’s leather pants.
There were about 30 rows of pin tucks sewn together in the thigh area! Thick yet soft, and with such intricate stitchwork in leather, which is already difficult to crease—we have nothing but respect for the craftsmanship of a true professional.

Artistic makeup from KAIHO

In Night City, the megalopolis serving as the stage for Cyberpunk 2077, looks are everything. Body modifications with cyberware for combat enhancement or as fashion statements are commonplace. This is evident in V, who has lines running from the temples and over the cheeks. To bring this look to life for our photo shoot, special effects artist KAIHO, well-versed in a multitude of makeup artistry, stands at the helm.

Artistic makeup from KAIHO
──  Please tell us about your different approaches to V’s two styles of makeup.

KAIHO: V has cyberware markings from the temples to the cheeks areas beneath the eyes. As a finer detail, I wanted the cable-like lines to still resemble human flesh. Since special effects makeup necessarily means adding prosthetic parts to the face, I tried to make the lines as thin as possible so that they would appear sunken in rather than jutting out.

Artistic makeup from KAIHO

Mysterious pieces of A2-sized styrofoam boards with a bunch of pins...upon closer inspection, we realized that they were thin rubber pieces of “skin!” The pieces are put on the model’s face and blended in to their regular skin color using foundation. To add an even more techy feel, he also applied metallic paint. It was amazing to see how cybernetic designs unnatural to our flesh and blood could be made to look so natural.

Artistic makeup from KAIHO

Detailed adjustments up until the second the shoot started

We already thought that Tsuyoshi’s creations for V’s jackets were amazing, but then we saw various plastic and rubber parts. At the point of our interview in the atelier, these parts had not been attached to anything. When we asked about them, we were told that they were going to be attached to the clothes! On already such realistic clothes, Tsuyoshi was planning to add these detailed parts to enhance them with even more cybernetic and mechanical vibes.

Detailed adjustments up until the second the shoot started
▲Parts to be attached to the jackets

Especially of note is the iconic jacket collar, fitted with OLEDs to properly reflect how electricity would run through the wiring in the game. Seeing them lit up was incredibly exciting!

Detailed adjustments up until the second the shoot started

Up until the moment the models put their jackets on, detailed adjustments continued to be made to each piece. Tsuyoshi: I’d love for people to take an up-close and careful look at the details we applied. Things like grime details for a more “aged” appearance, or putting in wrinkles that would form from wear over time according to each model. We had to dive deep into the character concept art for these details.

Detailed adjustments up until the second the shoot started

We watched Tsuyoshi take a box cutter to the plastic parts and collar corners and wherever cloth was overlapping. We watched Tsuyoshi touch the jacket with white gloves stained black with shoe polish and cloth spray. While it was shocking at first to see the grime details being added, the overall finish is understandable. Going around the bustling streets of Night City, coming in contact with all the different gangs—there’s no way that V’s jacket would look crisp and new. This attention to realism gives even more depth to the pieces as faithful recreations of V’s in-game clothes.

With a Weapon in Hand

Hairstyling, makeup, special effects makeup. With all that out of the way, the models were ready to start the shoot. In tandem with photographer Taka Mayumi’s deliberate instructions, we listened to the rhythmic staccato of the camera shutter.

With a Weapon in Hand

Props made from scratch

As you can probably imagine just by looking at them, the weapon props have real weight to them. The various colors and parts made of different materials come together for high-resolution prop weaponry.

Props made from scratch
▲We saw some piano keyboard bags and wondered what they were for. What came out of them was giant prop weapons!

The Finished Look

With Tsuyoshi and his team of trusted professional artists, here we have V’s finished look. They certainly deserve an audience.

The Finished Look

Cyberpunk 2077
Collaboration Collection

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Cyberpunk 2077 Collaboration Collection


Creative Director and Stylist, Tsuyoshi Takahashi

Graduate of Musashino Art University.
The stylist for countless musicians and actors with experience in a wide array of advertising, Tsuyoshi has in recent years expanded his skills repertoire into CD album jackets and apparel advertising as a creative director.

Some of his more notable work includes: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure x Shiseido collaboration, musician Miura Daichi’s tour costumes, styling for Japanese artist the dresscodes, The Rocky Horror Picture Show stageplay image visual designs, etc.

Special Effects Artist KAIHO

Graduate of Nagoya City Industrial Arts High School’s Design Department. With special effects makeup and prosthetics as a skill base, KAIHO also works as an art and graphics director for popular music videos. Whether for movies, commercials, TV dramas, stageplays, advertising, live events, or any other modes of media, KAIHO has experience working in all of them.