KINGDOM HEARTS Special Photoshoot Report - Part 2: Styling Inspired by Sora, Roxas, and Ventus

KINGDOM HEARTS Special Photoshoot Report - Part 2 Styling Sora, Roxas, and Ventus ©Disney GRACE Co.,Ltd.

In celebration of the momentous KINGDOM HEARTS 20th anniversary, we at SuperGroupies are doing a number of projects including an expansive new line of fashion items!

Our photoshoot inspired by Sora, Roxas, and Ventus brings together
a mix of high quality Keyblades, our new collection, and modern fashion,
all under the creative direction of stylist Takahashi Tsuyoshi-san.

In this Part 2 report, we’ll take a look behind the scenes as well as hear
Takahashi-san’s thoughts on the photoshoot.

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Keyblade Production & Special Photoshoot

We interviewed stylist Takahashi Tsuyoshi-san about his stylistic vision for the photoshoot.

Also on video is an in-depth look at the production site where the Keyblades were made, including the process of using a 3D printer and airbrush coloring. Check it out!

Special Photoshoot Report


Let’s take a look at the heart of any photoshoot: the lighting.
Accounting for the ceiling height and spaciousness, we set up an all-white backdrop.

Lighting ©Disney

White curtains were hung up all around, leaving one open section to peer into for photography.

Takahashi-san: “We wanted to aim for that in-between space of whether a picture is a photo or a drawing. To do so, we removed the model’s casted shadows and created pastel backgrounds. ‘Is this a photo? Is this a drawing?’ My photo direction aimed to create this effect to make people wonder. We also paid attention to using the in-between transitions from when the model naturally moved from one pose to the next. While natural, there’s still something peculiar about it too, so hopefully that comes through in the photos.”

Lighting ©Disney

By directing colored lights behind the model only, only the background color is changed. This creates a dream-like photo that also doesn’t lose too much realistic feeling.

Lighting ©Disney

Takahashi-san: “I didn’t want to interfere too much with the styling to the point that it would alienate customers. Showing a variety of styles using the 3 characters’ items would give customers an easier time when conceptualizing their own outfits or how the items would look on.”


Keyblades ©Disney

Takahashi-san: “With faithful reproductions, of course it’s vital to spotlight their intricacies. Using the 2018 collection Keyblades as reference, we paid special attention to the details to give these Keyblades their own presence.”

At the end of Ventus’ Keyblade is a black keychain. The shining decorative piece with a uniquely colorful jewel glimmering in the light is just one example of the many special details.

Keyblades ©Disney

All 3 Characters


All 3 Characters Sora ©Disney

Takahashi-san: “For Sora, I went with a rock style showing a particularity when it comes to fashion. I selected military-style sneakers for footwear.”

All 3 Characters Sora ©Disney

Sora’s outfit concept was “rock,” represented in the safety pins, studs, and chains. Accents of black and red match with the SuperGroupies items.


All 3 Characters Roxas ©Disney

Takahashi-san: “For Roxas, I went with a rather gothic look. I selected shark sole engineer boots for footwear. The shoes have to have that sense of individuality for each character as well. For hairstyling, I went with a wet look.”

All 3 Characters Roxas ©Disney

Strong eye makeup using defined eyeshadow and eyeliner together with the bangs combined for a visually striking final look.
One point to look out for is the way the jacket is worn. Because it’s a reversible jacket, the model is actually wearing 2 of them, showing the black side underneath with the white side layered on top.

All 3 Characters Roxas ©Disney


Takahashi-san: “For Ventus, I went with a fashionably casual look. I selected sneakers for footwear. For hairstyling, all 3 character concepts have flared curls, but Ventus’ styling in particular emphasizes these curls.”

All 3 Characters Ventus ©Disney

In keeping with that casual concept, Ventus’ outfit coordination is the one closest to real clothes that someone may have in their closet. At first, the hair and makeup stylist toned down the side flares and curls, but with Takahashi-san’s inspection, they were strongly emphasized, resulting in a casual look that pops.

All 3 Characters Ventus ©Disney
All 3 Characters Ventus ©Disney

Photo Reveal!

After the shoot, developing and processing, and background and detail fixes, here is the final visual! Soft color lighting and the near total removal of shadows combine for a picture that feels like a scattered dream…

Photo Reveal! SAMPLE ©Disney
Photo Reveal! SAMPLE ©Disney

More behind the scenes of the making
of these Keyblades is available
in Part 1 of our report. Check it out!

KINGDOM HEARTS 20th Anniversary
SuperGroupies Special Collection

We have an expansive 45-item lineup inspired by 9 characters!
We hope you enjoy celebrating this momentous anniversary with our items.

KINGDOM HEARTS 20th Anniversary SuperGroupies Special Collection ©Disney

In Collaboration With

In Collaboration With
Stylist Takahashi Tsuyoshi

Graduate of Musashino Art University.
The stylist for countless musicians and actors with experience in a wide array of advertising, Tsuyoshi often designs outfit pieces for different projects. In recent years, he has expanded his repertoire in overall supervision and as a creative director across multiple mediums.

Some of his recent notable work includes: PlayStation®’s “POP SONG,” Aimer’s “残響散花” (Zankyosanka), The Rocky Horror Picture Show stageplay, and more.

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