First Collaboration with Silent Hill 2

First Collaboration with Silent Hill 2
©Konami Digital Entertainment
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Discover SuperGroupies’ first collaboration with the survival horror game from Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd., Silent Hill 2, which has left a profound mark in gaming history with its terrifying and enigmatic world and story full of mysteries.

Players who’ve seen him will never be able to forget him…
The nightmarish Red Pyramid Thing, also known as Pyramid Head, serves as the inspiration for this long-awaited collaboration collection comprising a watch, coat, backpack, and wallet.

Unlike Red Pyramid Thing, who’ll never disappear no matter your desperation or countless attacks,
don’t miss these made-to-order items before they vanish into the fog!

Metal parts as if rusted,
a texture like cut flesh…
This watch is infused with
the impact of him.


A morbid atmosphere emanates from this multifunctional watch, featuring Japanese Movement MIYOTA 0S2F.


The wire mesh pattern in the center of the main dial reflects the Otherworld, which the town of Silent Hill is plunged into.
Hour hand and central chronograph second hand are respectively modeled after the Great Knife and the Great Spear, both used by Red Pyramid Thing against James.
The main dial features 24-hour display, chronograph 60-minute, and 60-second subdials.


At 12 o’clock is a motif inspired by Red Pyramid Thing’s iconic triangular helmet. Set against black seashell, different colors are reflected depending on the angle of light hitting it.
The 60-second subdial conceals the iconic Seal of Metatron that fans are sure to recognize.


The natural texture of the genuine leather strap is combined with a glossy aspect for a soft and sophisticated finish.
James’ memorable words before his final fight against Red Pyramid Thing are etched onto the case back: “Needed someone to punish me for my sins. But that's all over now”.


Each time the Great Spear-shaped chronograph second hand points to the Red Pyramid Thing-inspired motif at 12 o’clock, it will inevitably remind you of the shocking scene of his death.
Just like James endlessly being chased by Red Pyramid Thing, there’s no escaping this watch…

Red Pyramid Thing Model Watch

※ Estimated Delivery: Mid-March 2022

By wearing this coat,
Discover what it may feel like
to dress like Red Pyramid Thing…


A unicolor and easy-to-wear coat, faithfully mimicking Red Pyramid Thing’s executioner outfit.


Decorated with fake buckles, the side zipper allows for easy opening and shutting, while the slits on both sides of the hem allow you to move freely, particularly convenient when chasing James.


The inside lining color is a direct reference to James’ green jacket, a design that spotlights the bond between Red Pyramid Thing and James.
Inside is a tag inspired by Red Pyramid Thing’s iconic triangular helmet featuring words from Mary’s letter, marking the beginning of Silent Hill 2’s story.

(Model is 5'11", wearing M size)

Easy to coordinate thanks to its complementary color and simple rounded neckline, this coat works well as an accent item when layered.
Whether worn casually or more professionally with a suit, this versatile item can be used in a wide range of styles.

Red Pyramid Thing Model Coat

※ Estimated Delivery: Mid-February 2022

Including various elements
directly taken from the game,
“It’s him…” are the first
words that will come to your
mind when seeing this item.


This red and black backpack has a one-of-a-kind appearance thanks to its unique texture.


The front design subtly imitates the shape of Red Pyramid Thing’s iconic triangular helmet, featuring a bullet impact embroidered on it.
In addition to its stylish design, the numerous pockets allow for convenient organization of smaller items, guaranteeing great functionality.
Even the shoulder straps come with subtle details such as an imitation of the buckles on Red Pyramid Thing’s outfit.


Attached to the left side is a charm modeled after Red Pyramid Thing’s Great Knife with a rust-like finish, resulting in a faithful imitation of his in-game weapon.


This backpack comes with generous storage capacity thanks to its 5 compartments on the front, sides, and back.
Exclusively made by SuperGroupies, the lining design of the front and side pockets features a flesh-like pattern representing what could be under Red Pyramid Thing’s helmet.
The back pocket has a playful lining design inspired by the hilarious Dog Ending.


The main compartment is roomy enough to store A4-sized items and conceals a lining design inspired by the creepy painting “Misty Day, Remains of the Judgement” displayed in the Silent Hill Historical Society.
The inner pocket features a printed design of 9 save points, a place where players can rest for a brief moment.

Red Pyramid Thing Model Backpack

※ Estimated Delivery: Mid-February 2022

An item that immediately
calls Red Pyramid Thing’s helmet
to mind.
Get your hands on this wallet,
both stylish and grotesque
to reflect
the world of Silent Hill 2.


This striking bi-fold wallet and its dynamic patterns are inspired by Red Pyramid Thing’s helmet.


The material used gives a unique texture to the wallet, on which a bullet impact is embossed in one corner, testifying to a violent fight.


In contrast to the outside inspired by Red Pyramid Thing’s helmet, the flesh-like internal design represents what could be under it.
Equipped with 4 card slots, this wallet features a lining pattern inspired by the painting “Misty Day, Remains of the Judgement” displayed in the Silent Hill Historical Society.
Even a brief glance at it will be enough to make you shiver, as if being chased by Red Pyramid Thing in the game.


Convenient and compact, this item can fit in your back pocket and can be used in the Otherworld and the real world.

Red Pyramid Thing Model Bi-fold Wallet

※ Estimated Delivery: Mid-February 2022


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From September 24 to October 10, 2021, 8PM Pacific Time

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This may be before the pre-order period has officially ended.

[Estimated Delivery]
Watch: Mid-March 2022
Coat/Backpack/Wallet: Mid-February 2022

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